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Meet the Staff


Tina Cobb, MST, ext. 227

Executive Director


Rendi Merchant, ext. 221

Administrative Assistant


Theresa Reed-Male, ext. 225

Director of Finance


Health Insurance Assistance

Kim Long, 315-804-0152

Senior Navigator/Community Health Advocate (Lewis County)


Kristie Pastrano, 315-778-3392

Navigator (Jefferson County)


Evelyn Fargo, 315-804-0150

Navigator (Jefferson and Lewis County)


Tasha Pierson, 315-4185144

Navigator (Jefferson County)


Latoya Baldie, 315-405-1485

Navigator (Jefferson County)


Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (SNAP)

Kris Eckerson, 315-836-6483

NOEP Coordinator (Lewis County)


Jenn McAvoy, 315-836-6480

NOEP Coordinator (St. Lawrence County)


Maternal and Infant Health

Brooke Pate, MEd, ext. 230

Director of Maternal and Infant Health Services


Kimberlee Moore, 315-726-4413

Community Health Worker (Lewis County) 


Constance Klossner 315-263-9304

Community Health Worker (Lewis County)


Jessie Peebles, 315-816-1000

Community Health Worker (Jefferson County)


Amanda Klosner, 315-816-1001

Community Health Worker (St. Lawrence County)




Population Health-Community Health Worker

Amber Oliver ext. 232

Program Manager


Erin Dulmage, LMSW, ext. 229

Community Health Worker Supervisor


Nicole Lee 315-907-7513

Community Health Worker (Jefferson County)


Meghan Fayette, 315-726-7918

Community Health Worker (Jefferson County)


Barbara Bastardo, 315-907-7514

Community Health Worker (Jefferson County)


Katie Aikanoff, 315-726-4234

Community Health Worker (Jefferson County)


Community Health Advocate

Teyanna Cunningham, 315-960-4273

Community Health Advocate Coordinator


Healthy Families Jefferson County

Joe Paté, ext. 259

Program Manager


Sasha Ryave, ext. 260

Program Supervisor


Briana Perez, ext. 258

Family Resource Specialist


Michelle Alba, ext. 262

Family Support Specialist


Stephanie Gillette, ext. 228

Family Support Specialist


Molly Johnson, ext. 261

Family Support Specialist


Youth Services

Anne Garno, ext. 231

Director of Education and Enrollment


Angela Wayte, ext. 226

Lead Sexual Health Educator


Stacie Moss, ext. 234

Sexual Health Educator


Carlie Watson, 315-376-9010 ext. 1240

YEAH! Program Coordinator


Olivia Barker

YEAH! Program Assistant


Jenn McAvoy, 315-287-1315

Gouverneur Activity and Learning Center Afternoon/Evening Coordinator


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