Reproductive, Maternal, and Infant Health Programs

Find information and resources for any stage of pregnancy:

NCPPC offers a variety of Reproductive, Maternal and Women's Health Services throughout Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. These initiatives include extensive outreach and education for the community and for health and human service providers.
Coordinated Case Management System.
Early Pregnancy Workshops.
For more information, please visit During Pregnancy.
FASD Task Force
The FASD Task Force is a collaboration of agencies in the Tri-County area, interested in informing professionals and the public about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. For more information on the FASD Task Force or to find out when our next meeting is, please contact us.
Tri-County Breastfeeding Coalition
The Tri-County Breastfeeding Coalition is a collaboration of agencies dedicated to promoting breastfeeding success through support and informational services. If you are a breastfeeding professional in the Jefferson, Lewis, or St. Lawrence County area, please call NCPPC for more information about becoming a Coalition member and the educational opportunities available.
Publications and Presentations
Reproductive health and maternal health literature - brochures, flyers, posters, and pregnancy manuals are available on a variety of maternal and child health topics. Contact us for specific information.
Maternal health presentations are for agencies, businesses, students, parents, and community members. Our staff is available to provide reproductive health presentations or workshops on a variety of topics. Contact us with your requests.


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